Integrate Apache Solr with Magento

Apache Solr with Magento allows your customers to utilize their mobile payment app to purchase items, build loyalty and redeem promotions.

Apache Solr is the most popular open source search platform that is designed for enterprise applications. This platform is extremely fast and features advanced capabilities for full-text search. Apache Solr also allows for hit highlighting, database integration, faceted search, indexing in close to real-time speed, support for rich documents, geospatial search, and dynamic clustering. In addition, Apache Solr is very scalable and reliable. Because of its advanced capabilities, Apache Solr is used for search and navigation on many of the largest sites across the web.

Integration between Apache Solr and Magento is beneficial for those who have a large inventory of products. With Apache Solr integration, your Magento store will be easily searchable at a fast rate. This will enable customers to better see what products you have to offer and find relevant matches for their search queries. Through Apache Solr-Magento integration, your online store will improve in performance and customer retention.

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