Integrate Braintree with Magento

Braintree can integrate seamlessly with Magento and is a great solution for credit card payment solutions. Braintree helps online businesses process credit card payments by providing a merchant account, payment gateway, recurrent billing, and secure credit card storage.

The Braintree Payments extension connects your Braintree Gateway account with your Magento storefront and Admin Panel to accept customers’ credit card payments. With secure storage of customer credit cards in the PCI-compliant Braintree Vault, Braintree allows your customers to add, delete, and edit credit card information. This makes checkout simple and only a few clicks away for your customers so that the payment process can be a breeze anytime they come to your store. Magento Braintree integration also allows you to restrict credit cards types by region and is integrated with Kount’s fraud and risk management solution. Braintree also provides advanced fraud protection by analyzing customer data and purchase behavior to catch fraudulent transactions.

With the global reach of Paypal, Braintree can be your payments platform wherever you do business.

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