Integrate Celerant with Magento

Celerant Command Retail is a retail software solution that acts through multiple channels to control all aspects of your retail operations in one system. With Celerant, you can manage your point of sale (POS) transactions, inventory, back office, and warehouse. Celerant integrates your POS software, e-commerce store, warehouse, and mail or phone order catalog into a single database that acts in real time, allowing you to have complete control and visibility. This also streamlines your operations for greater efficiency as there is no need to re-enter data or manually transfer information. In addition, Celerant has customer relationship management (CRM) tools as well as integrated reporting and analysis to help you improve your business.

By integrating Magento and Celerant, you will be able to synchronize your order data, inventory, products, and more between the two systems. This means that all retail operations of your business will be streamlined into a simple database, allowing you to accurately track your orders, stock, and products. Furthermore, your online store will be completely integrated with the POS system at your physical location. Overall, Magento-Celerant integration improves efficiency and productivity for your retail company.

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