Integrate Janrain with Magento

Janrain with Magento utilizes social login and sharing to capture critical user data. With Janrain, you can sell products to customers better than ever before.

The Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP) is used to facilitate social login and sharing and collect user profile data. Janrain offers three products: Engage, Capture, and Federate. With Engage, the visitors to your website can both register and login using their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Windows Live. Users can then share their activities or your site content on their social networks. With Capture, you can collect user profile data and utilize this to target your audience. With Federate, users can register just once for multiple websites that you are partnered with.

Integration between Janrain and Magento allows your customers to use social login during e-commerce transactions. This allows you to not only offer faster checkout services, but also use their social profile data to create a personalized shopping experience online. You can also target users with promotions based on the data that you have collected. Overall, this type of integration leads to greater conversion rates between advertising and sales. With Janrain-Magento integration, rapid registration is available for users of Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, AOL, Windows Life, and up to 12 more social networks.

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