Integrate Netsuite with Magento

Netsuite with Magento combines all aspects of your e-commerce store, including accounting, enterprise resource planning, operations and client relations.

Netsuite is one of the top cloud-based business management software solutions. With Netsuite, you can easily manage many different aspects of your business, including accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-commerce, and customer relationship management (CRM). Netsuite offers real-time data and analysis, faster operations, and a complete visualization of sales, marketing, customer service, and finance. With Netsuite ERP, you can manage your back-office operations, such as accounting, order management, and inventory. Netsuite CRM+ allows you to manage the entirety of your customer lifecycle, including marketing and service.

By integrating Netsuite with Magento, you will be able to combine your e-commerce solution with your operations management and CRM software. This integration allows you to easily import both customer information and sales orders from your Magento store to Netsuite. It also enables exporting of your fulfillments, billing data, item data, and inventory levels to Magento. Additionally, you will be able automatically synchronize your credit memos between the two platforms. With this automated integration, you will never have to manually update either your Magento store or Netsuite account to ensure that they reflect the same information.

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