Integrate Order Motion with Magento

Order Motion with Magento allows you to track products through every step of the sales process. Create scalable order management, real-time analytics and more.

Order Motion provides the Order Management platform (OMX), which is used to keep track of your orders throughout all steps of the sales process. OMX offers numerous features, including distributed order management, which allows you to track both order processing and inventory for high volume applications. OMX also allows for in depth reporting and analytics as well as customer relationship management (CRM). In addition, OMX enables cross channel self-serve, which lets your customers manage their orders for a better experience. With OMX, you can manage your marketing campaigns, product information, and refunds and exchanges.

As a Gold level partner with Magento, Order Motion can be easily integrated with your Magento e-commerce store. This integration connects your OMX technology to your Magento shopping cart, which allows you to design a shopping experience that is multi-channel. With Order Motion-Magento integration, you have access to scalable order management, real-time analytics, and customer self-service capabilities. You will also be able to create specialized options for repeat buyers. Furthermore, this integration streamlines all of your product information and orders from all channels of your retail operations.

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