Integrate Paypal with Magento

Paypal with Magento offers speed and security with online payments. With Paypal, you can add convenience to customers, and boost store sales.

Paypal is a widely used system for online payments that offers speed and security. Paypal offers three different services for business: standard, advanced, and pro. With all levels of Paypal, you can accept credit card and Paypal transactions, send invoices, and accept checks via mobile devices. Paypal also offers a mobile app for iPad, iPhone, and Android that turns your device into a card reader. In addition, Paypal provides enhanced security features for sensitive data, protection against fraud, and PCI compliance to keep your customers safe. Paypal is used by over 100 million customers worldwide, which means that adding Paypal to your payment options will encourage sales expansion.

Paypal is easily integrated with Magento as a payment option for your e-commerce store. By integrating Paypal and Magento, you will be able to accept payments both from Paypal users and all major credit and debit cards. Paypal Express Checkout in your Magento store boosts sales because it makes purchasing more convenient. Furthermore, Paypal is a trusted payment method due to its security features and prevalence online. This makes your customers feel at ease when purchasing from your online store.

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