Integrate Sales Force with Magento

Sales Force with Magento provides cloud-based management for client relations and e-commerce data. Improve your business performance with Sales Force.

Sales Force provides a wide range of customer relationship management (CRM) software for businesses. Their applications and platform are cloud-based, which means they are easily accessible online. Sales Force products include Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Platform, Salesforce Chatter, and Salesforce With this combination of CRM software, a business of any size can improve customer service, gain marketing insights, and collaborate with your business partners in real time. You can also easily manage your sales activities with real time dashboards available on both desktop and mobile.

Integrating Sales Force with Magento allows you to easily synchronize both your CRM and e-commerce data, including contacts, products, stock, orders, shipment tracking, opportunities, notes, users, and more. This allows you to both create new leads for customers and convert those leads into sales opportunities. In addition, Sales-Force Magento integration enables you to track customer data throughout the sales process, leading to better analytics and business performance improvement.

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