Integrate Seller Active with Magento

Seller Active with Magento activates your store with both social and mobile commerce. Increase your sales avenues, and boost your total revenue.

Seller Active is a platform that enables both social and mobile commerce. With Seller Active, you can create a customizable Facebook store to add to your brand’s Facebook page. This allows your fans to browse your products and make purchases without leaving Facebook. You can also provide promotions, coupons, and other offers through your Facebook store. Seller Active also offers mobile commerce; with a mobile-optimized store, your customers will be able to quickly and easily make purchases from their mobile devices. Finally, Seller Active provides inventory and order management services for simple automation of your e-commerce operations.

Because Seller Active is a Magento partner, integration between the two platforms is easy. With Seller Active-Magento integration, all orders from your Magento store will automatically appear in your customizable Seller Active dashboard for simple management and processing. You will also be able to see in-depth reports from your activity, including sales graphs and other information from all sales channels that you utilize. In addition, this integration enables automated push notifications for customer communications involving order confirmation, shipping, and tracking.

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