Integrate Zendesk with Magento

Zendesk with Magento promotes better customer service satisfaction and practices through features such as help desk ticketing, issue tracking and more.

Zendesk is a software application that provides streamlined solutions for customer satisfaction and support team performance. With Zendesk, you have access to features that include help desk ticketing, support for customer service, and issue tracking. For the customer, Zendesk offers self-service options for help and support. It also allows customers to communicate their help needs through multiple channels, all of which translate into a help ticket. Once the ticket has been created, Zendesk simplifies the workflow of your support team, increasing efficiently in customer service. Zendesk also offers in-depth analytics and support for mobile devices.

With Zendesk-Magento integration, customer service is simplified for your online store. This integration provides greater visibility in terms of your customer data, including order information, billing, and shipping. You will also be able to customize your ticket view system within Magento. In addition, integration between Zendesk and Magento allows you to view customer support information alongside customer data, sales statistics, and sales orders. With Zendesk and Magento, your customer support system is streamlined for maximum efficiency.

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