Core Development Platforms


iOS is the most popular platform for mobile app development. With the introduction of Apple’s iOS 7 update, it is more important than ever to have an innovative development team behind your custom app. By partnering with Forix, you can take advantage of cutting edge mobile design and development practices, generating the highest return on your investment.

Forix’s mobile development team has been recognized time and time again for the success of over 60 mobile apps launched. With expert level experience in programming languages such as Objective-C, Java, CSS, HTML and more, you can trust the mobile team at Forix to develop a user-friendly, interactive mobile experience on any platform. By partnering with Forix, you partner with a team of 60+ industry experts that is committed to your success.

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Essential Functions

  • Interactive User Engagement
  • Experienced Objective-C Development Team
  • Eliminate In-App Bugs
  • Strategic User Experience Design
  • Optimized Project Management Systems
  • Professional Ongoing Support


Android App Development is more of a moving target than ever before, featuring more variations in operating systems, devices, and new functionality than any other platform. With updates such as the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, you need a forward thinking development team to successfully balance new requirements and powerful functionality with the simplicity of user experience. Forix’s Android development team routinely turns out full-featured apps that leverage modern styles, patterns and gestures to amplify the user adoption rate.

Forix is a well recognized firm in Android app development. With over 60 successful mobile projects launched, our development team has an expert level of experience in all programming languages from Java to CSS, HTML, and Objective C. When you partner with Forix, you partner with a mobile team driven by your continued success.

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Essential Functions

  • Adaptable Screen Size Design
  • Reduced Fragmentation
  • Efficient Quality Assurance
  • User Experience Considerations
  • Optimized Project Management Systems
  • Ongoing Professional Support

Mobile Websites

With mobile activity increasing rapidly every year, and mobile e-commerce sales more then tripling over the last two years, it is more critical than ever to have a website geared toward mobile. From smartphones, tablets to desktop computers, Forix’s web design team specializes in developing creative, and strategic websites that work flawlessly on every device. Through mobile and responsive design architecture, Forix can find the most adaptive solution for your business.

Forix has become an industry leader in web design and mobile development. We have catered to over 100 projects of all shapes and sizes. By being innovative, and staying ahead of the digital technology curve, Forix has been a key component in online success for our clients. We don’t just build websites. We don’t just implement strategy. We create an entire package that leads to greater success for your business.

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Essential Functions

  • Hybrid Web Design/Mobile Experts
  • Experience Focused Web Development
  • User-Centered Mobile Design
  • High Performance Optimization
  • A Refined Project Management Process
  • Ongoing Professional Support

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