Core Development Platforms


WordPress has become the standard platform for straightforward informational websites. By partnering with the experienced team at Forix, you can have a completely customized WordPress solution, simplified backend administrative controls, and eliminate all of the frustrating aspects of web development.

By continuing to push the limits of web development, Forix’s web team has been recognized as an industry expert with over 760 successful project launches, including 15 design awards and counting. Forix is more than a web development firm. We are a team of overachievers, with a true passion for your success.

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Essential Functions

  • Custom Web Design
  • Optimized Speed & Efficiency
  • Simplified Administrative Controls
  • Strategic User Experience Considerations
  • Eliminate Plugin Conflict Errors
  • Continued Administrative Backend Support


Drupal is infamously powerful, yet flexible, and opens the doors to endless possibilities for information management. With Forix’s development team, your website will perform in ways you never thought possible. From advanced user management and simplified administrative controls, to 3rd party integrations and cutting edge aesthetics.

Forix’s web developers have extensive experience and knowledge of the core PHP development standards required to create a dynamic, flexible Drupal system. This means you eliminate any script code interferences, plug-in errors, and technical issues. With Forix as your Drupal team, you can count on successful implementation of your initiatives, time and again.

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Essential Functions

  • Quick Installation, Modification, and Turnaround Times
  • Simplified Front-End and Back-End Controls
  • Advanced User Management
  • Strategic User Experience Design
  • Seamless Module Support
  • Continued Administrative Backend Support

Custom Development

Custom development gives you the freedom to develop your vision’s architecture from the ground up. Forix’s experienced development team takes the time to understand your business, and finds the smartest path towards your goals by factoring in real usage scenarios. We understand the importance of balance between powerful functionality and user simplicity, and it becomes evident with the success of our clients.

Forix’s web development team has been recognized on multiple occasions for the quality of our work. With over 100 custom web applications launched, and 15 web design awards, Forix’s team has the experience your business can comfortably rely on. When you partner with Forix, you partner with a team of 60+ industry experts committed to your success.

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Essential Functions

  • Custom Business Focused Solutions
  • Strategic Web Technologies
  • Unique Custom Web Designs
  • User Experience Considerations
  • Optimized Project Management Processes
  • Continued Service Level Support

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